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  1. Does this mask prevent the spread of COVID-19?
    There is a general consensus that any mask is better than no mask. The CDC recommends that even seemingly healthy people wear masks over their faces when venturing out into public spaces.

    Fabric masks are not a substitute for medical grade masks, such as the N95. They do not replace other practices like social distancing and hand washing. The CDC still recommends that people stay at least 6 feet (1.8 meters) away from others. Hands should be washed for a minimum of 20 seconds (sing Happy Birthday two times!)

    It is important to continuously self-assess, and if you show any symptoms of the coronavirus, you must self-isolate or seek medical attention. 

    The best way to prevent the spread of COVID-19 is to STAY HOME.

  2. Why do you release such small quantities on the site?
    All masks are hand sewn, and not factory-made. This requires a much greater deal of time.

    Some styles are made from fabric that was pre-purchased through my entertainment company. The yardage we obtain can only produce a limited number of masks. We collect fabric from all over the world, but once a fabric is sold out, we cannot get more. 

    New designs are released continuously on the site. Follow us on Instagram for updates!

  3. What is The Mask Initiative? 
    Through this initiative, I sew and donate designer fabric masks to essential businesses and front-line workers. I am aware that some workers may require medical masks while on-duty, however, fabric masks may still be useful to them off-duty. 

    To learn more, or to get in touch to make a donation request, please go to The Mask Initiative page. 

  4. Is the mask reusable?
    Yes, you can reuse the mask after washing it.

  5. Can I share masks?
    No, you should not share masks.

  6. How do I wash the mask?
    Wash the mask in warm water and regular detergent. It is dryer friendly, but air drying will prolong it. 

  7. How often should the mask be washed?
    We recommend that the mask be washed after every use.

  8. Can I return a mask?
    No. For health and safety reasons, all masks purchased will be final sale and cannot be returned.

  9. Do you ship internationally?
    At this time, we ship to Canada, the United States and Singapore. 

  10. When will I receive my order?
    The sewing time takes up to 5 business days. Shipping times vary by country.  

    Donation requests through The Mask Initiative take precedence and may affect order processing times.