What About Thread Count?

Q: We often hear about high thread counts when it comes to expensive bedding, but what exactly does thread count mean?

A: Thread count is the number of threads woven together in a square inch of fabric.


Q: How is thread count calculated?

A: The threads going lengthwise (warp threads) are counted along with the threads going widthwise (weft threads). So if you have 80 warp threads and 80 weft threads in one square inch, you have a thread count of 160. It is a calculation used only for woven fabrics.


Q: What is the relevance of thread count?

A: A higher thread count is often associated with a higher quality fabric. It usually means a softer, more durable fabric. More threads in a square inch can make a fabric more wrinkle resistant and more crisp to the touch.


Q: So is it safe to say that a higher thread count = better quality?

 A: Yes and no. Thread count is just one of many factors that determines fabric quality and its characteristics. Another important factor to consider is the type of weave (the way the threads are interlaced).

When comparing thread counts within a fabric type, for example, 200 thread count sateen vs. 300 sateen, then yes, a higher thread count usually means "higher quality" ie, smoother and more dense. However, when comparing a 200 lawn to a 300 sateen, you also have to consider the desired effects of each fabric. Cotton lawn is made of extremely tight knit, thin threads in order to achieve a crisp, lightweight fabric. A desirable cotton lawn should sit in the range of 80-200 thread count. Whereas a sateen should start in the 300 thread count range in order to achieve its satin-like qualities. In this case, a 300 thread count sateen is not necessarily "better" than a 200 thread count cotton lawn.


Q: Which fabric is right for me?

 A: Aside from fabric type and thread count, the colour, pattern and price point generally play a bigger role. It all comes down to personal preference.

Here's a short breakdown of some of the fabric types we use:

Cotton percale: Matte finish, crisp, soft. Offered in 180 and 300 thread counts. The 300 thread count offered in Chestnut is noticeably more crisp. The 180 thread count offered in Black, Burgundy, Grey and Floral Spice feel soft yet durable.

Cotton Sateen: Satin finish, Smooth and silky to the touch. Denser than percale. Our 300 thread count sateen offered in Black makes a slightly thicker mask, perfect for the colder weather. 

Cotton Lawn: Smooth, crisp and extremely lightweight. Cotton lawn is made from extremely thin yarns knit tightly together. The fabric can be sheer and is traditionally used in fine blouses.

If we haven't made a fabric distinction in our item description, this is because we did not receive confirmation from our supplier.


Q: Why does Mode Masks use thread count as a selling feature?

We here at Mode Masks pride ourselves on being detail oriented. While most fabric suppliers do not know the thread count of their materials, we make a point to seek out suppliers that do. It simply gives us confidence to know that our suppliers pay attention. We feel that being intentional and knowledgable is an added value to you, our beloved clients.

We hope you learned something about fabric today! As always, feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions: modemasks@gmail.com


Wishing you and your loved ones a very happy and safe holiday!


Mode Masks

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